The Daniel Fast

For so incredibly long I didn’t understand the connection of food and faith. I’ve read biblical examples for years and contemplated the idea that somehow, fasting could have a profound effect on my relationship with God. All of these thoughts (and variations of them) swirled my mind every time I gave fasting some thought: “JesusContinue reading “The Daniel Fast”

Homemade Marshmallows

Welp, the title may be a bit of a spoiler but GUESS WHAT I just made?! You guessed right! MARSHMALLOWS! This is huge for me because my kids have a serious love for all things sweet and these just so happen to be fun AND healthy. Yes. You read that right. Good-for-you sweets! Something you’veContinue reading “Homemade Marshmallows”

Baby Steps

Obedience. That word isn’t known to be widely loved or appreciated. Not only is it perceived as less-than-awesome by many, it’s actually cringe-worthy to most. But why? There’s a million reasons I could think of as to why some of us would rather skim over that topic in church or completely ignore that word inContinue reading “Baby Steps”

Handshake + Hug

In person, talking to complete strangers about things like what you like to eat, how much you love Jesus or how you raise your babies isn’t exactly commonplace. But online, that stranger danger lens goes out the window and we get enveloped in someone’s innermost thoughts without even knowing their name (or caring to). WeirdContinue reading “Handshake + Hug”

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