Baby Steps

Obedience. That word isn’t known to be widely loved or appreciated. Not only is it perceived as less-than-awesome by many, it’s actually cringe-worthy to most.

But why?

There’s a million reasons I could think of as to why some of us would rather skim over that topic in church or completely ignore that word in a verse. It seems to be so much more convenient to do what we want than to submit fully to what He wants.

It’s easier to sleep in on Sunday than to get up. It’s easier to be complacent instead of digging deep. It’s easier to answer to yourself than it is to show humility to the Creator.

But we need to get uncomfortable in this world to find the true, deep soul-comfort that only God can provide. When we take small steps of obedience, a heart-change is taking place. When we choose to give up our way for His, we’re giving Him control of our fallen state and asking Him to make the way. We’re giving Him the reins…and incredible things happen when you willfully put the controls in God’s hands. That’s when miracles take place, that’s when you start to gain momentum and see Christ’s hand all over your life. If you want all the peace, joy, faith, hope and love that you know is accessible through Christ alone – but you’re not sure how to claim it – just take the first step. Say a prayer and ask for Jesus Christ to lay His hand on you and give you obedience, to change your heart and position it towards Him in submittance and love. Pray also for discernment to understand what the Spirit is laying on your heart and courage to walk in faith. Take that step and watch what happens in your life.

If Christ is tugging on your heart, pulling you in a certain direction, then GO. He will get your attention or maybe He already has…and the moment you make the decision to do the thing that He’s set before you, you’ve acknowledged the power of the Spirit within you and He grows greater and greater from that moment on.

Just by taking that first step you will feel different. Your foundation is already established. He is a firm ground to stand on. Now find your footing, extend your hand and allow God Himself to mature your baby steps into an everlasting walk with God.

Published by barefootonblessedground

Hey y'all! My name's Brittany, I'm a mother of two on a mission to raise up women of virtue and strength, keep our home in one piece (and somewhat put together) and bake to my heart's content. I believe that children should spend more time outside, lawn chairs are underrated, and Full-fat butter is necessary in all things. In this space I write about the power of God, motherhood, recipes, health and everyday homemaking ideas with the guidance, provisions and grace of God as a constant thread in the tapestry. As I carry out and stay faithful in my calling to be a mother, wife, and steward of His many blessings, I am truly standing on blessed ground...and yes, absolutely barefoot. ✌️

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